If that's a "Yes! Definitely!"...keep reading to discover my proven system for setting up your son or daughter for recruitment success.


Are you:

  • The parent of a Canadian high school student-athlete looking to find the best scholarship opportunities for your son or daughter?
  • In a cycle of not knowing where to start or who to turn to for information and advice?
  • Unsure if it's even affordable for your son or daughter to play university sport in the U.S.?
  • Worried that his or her degree won't translate to employment or graduate school opportunities in Canada after university?
  • Trying really hard to find a way to make it work for your son or daughter, but don't know what's realistic?


If you're serious about pursuing athletic scholarship opportunities in the U.S., but are still finding yourself lost in the process, in just the next few paragraphs I can help "restructure" your understanding of the recruitment process—just enough to give you a few big "Ah-ha!" moments that will help you and your son or daughter get started on the right track.


I'm going to share with you the first steps to take to begin moving towards positioning your son or daughter as a top recruit, so that coaches are eager to present offers to you when the time comes—and it won't involve subscribing to overpriced recruiting services or spending hours and thousands of dollars on the production of a skills video.


The truth is that being a top recruit is simply a matter of narrowing the focus of your family on what you already know you and your son or daughter want. Let's say, for example, your son or daughter wants to play DI basketball for a competitive team, where would you start? How do you know which teams are competitive? There's over 300 DI schools!


But, if we break it down and begin by researching basketball conference championship winners across all DI conferences for the past three years, then narrow that list again by what actually matters to you and your family (geography, academics, tuition cost etc.) then you will actually have a much more manageable list of schools to start dissecting.


That right there should be your first "Ah-ha!" moment.

(If all of this already sounds foreign to you, I would suggest starting with our free introductory webinar on the landscape of opportunities in the NCAA.)


Here's something else for you to think about...


Your son or daughter will be entering university in a specific year. Every year teams graduate players. Why not seek out teams where those two things line up. 


Take that list that we just made and in dissecting those schools be sure to look at the rosters of the teams. Is there a player on the team who plays the same position as your son or daughter and will be graduating in the same year that your son or daughter would be in his or her first year? If that is the case, your son or daughter will instantly be more attractive to a coach as the coach has shoes to fill, and the sooner they find an athlete to fill those shoes, the better.


I'm simply using these examples as an illustration of what's possible for you to start with now, for free or very little money, and how a strategy of narrowing the focus of your son or daughter can get you there. 


My aim is to somewhat "reframe" your perception of the recruitment process...and then show you how simple it is to create systems to allow you to achieve that result.


The majority of parents are killing themselves trying to get to as many showcase camps as possible and are spending 1000s of dollars on recruiting consultants and prep schools. Why? Because they think that's what they need to do to put their son or daughter in the best position to earn a scholarship. And that's fair, you want the best for your son or daughter. But, what if that's not practical, affordable, or necessary for you? Then what do you do, where do you start to give your son or daughter the best chance for success in the recruitment process?


Right here.

I'm going to help you position your son or daughter as a top recruit.


Let's get started.

Take a look at the offerings below to find the program that best suits where you and your son or daughter are at in the recruitment process right now.



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The Official TCSA Workbook

If you want to dive deeper and learn more about academic eligibility, the key steps to take through each year of high school, what to include when creating a player profile and skills video, templates for contacting coaches, what to expect from the recruitment process and much more then this workbook was created for you!

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The Success Starter

Are you and your son or daughter looking to get the ball rolling with contacting coaches, but don't have the coach's contact information for all of the schools that you and your son or daughter are interested in? With The Success Starter you will get a custom report of 50 schools that match your preferences, including the contact information for the coach and a customized Trello board to keep all of your communication organized.

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VIP Coaching 

Work with me directly to position your son or daughter as a top recruit, including a one on one consultation to help you understand the opportunities available to your son or daughter as well as areas to focus on for improvement. Plus, you also get access to The Success Starter, TCSA Official Workbook, our signature webinar How to Simplify the Recruitment Process and live weekly calls where you can ask your most pressing questions.

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Free Webinar

New to all of this? Start here with our introductory webinar, How to Simplify the NCAA Recruitment Process. Learn about the landscape of opportunities for Canadian student-athletes, key requirements for NCAA eligibility, considerations to take into account when looking at schools, and the differences between NCAA divisions and scholarship models.

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Speaking Engagements

Would you like a live information session for your team?

The format is very similar to that of the online webinar, with added value in players and parents being able to ask specific questions, and a deeper dive into some topics that aren't covered in depth during the webinar. Presentations range from 90-120 minutes. Given the audience, it is possible to focus specifically on information relevant to your sport.