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An independent organization created to support and simplify the process of being recruited as a young, Canadian student-athlete to compete in post-secondary athletics, with a primary focus on the NCAA. 



From our perspective


Hi, my name is Tessa Thomas and I developed this site as a resource for young Canadian athletes and their parents to learn everything they need to know about pursuing athletic opportunities in the US.

We offer top tips and strategies for every stage of the recruitment process, from initial eligibility and finding schools that suite your needs, to positioning yourself as a top recruit to generate more interest from coaches.

This site is not a solo-effort, it has been informed by the experiences of countless former NCAA athletes from Canada (such as myself). We work independently of the NCAA and are not agents who work on behalf of individual athletes. This commitment to independence ensures that we can focus on providing you with the best information, without any biases.

Being an NCAA student-athlete is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience, but make no mistake, getting there is not easy. Up until now, as a young Canadian athlete, or the parent of one, you were on your own; even with Google searches and talking to other parents and coaches, proper guidance showing you what it really takes to be successful has been few and far between. The good news is, now we're here to help.

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Tessa has definitely created a highly informative program that simplifies while simultaneously highlights the individual role of the athlete in recruiting. By creating this seminar, she is a key voice in helping parents and students navigate all levels of the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA in a very clear and clever format.
— Lauren, Coach

What TCSA can do for you

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Help you learn how to position yourself, or your child, as a top recruit.



Show you how to communicate with college coaches and keep track of correspondence.


Provide you with key activities for each year of high school so you can be prepared to talk to coaches.



Teach you how to harness the power of the Internet to grow your list of schools of interest.


Guide you in deciding what type of school, and in which division, to invest in your education.



Share lots of proven systems and tips with you.


And so much more!

These are only a few of the things TCSA can do for you on your recruitment journey.


So why not get started? To help, we've put together an introductory webinar for you, 100% free for TCSA Members only. Gain instant access to our Members only pages by clicking the "Join!" button right away.



TCSA backstory


As a former NCAA DI student-athlete (softball), I realized that many parents and athletes are still asking the same questions that my family and I had wrestled with years ago when I was going through the recruitment process as a Canadian high school athlete interested in playing in the States. I looked everywhere for resources that I could refer young athletes and their parents to, but I discovered that there was still a lack of information on the recruitment process from a Canadian perspective. 

So, I created TCSA. I wanted to make the recruitment process as simple as possible by creating informative materials that dissect what it takes to be an NCAA athlete and how to get there—from Canada.

As a gift to you for finding your way here to TCSA, I'd like to invite you to view our introductory webinar, it will help you: side-step mistakes that could be killing your chances of being recruited, teach you the ins and outs of the recruitment process, and identify key factors to focus on to position yourself as a top recruit.

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