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From a former NCAA DI student-athlete who knows how to get recruited.

Join a private recruitment focused community and get the personal advice and expert support you need to be successful in your recruitment journey.

Avoid being overwhelmed and frustrated and instead learn directly from someone who has been through the NCAA recruitment process and competed at the highest level.

As a member, you will have access to our private Slack group where you will get unlimited support, feedback, and advice on the core elements of your athletic recruitment journey.

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You want to be a scholarship athlete, but…

You don’t have time to research literally hundreds of schools or the budget to travel to showcase tournaments and camps all over the country. You’re already doing everything you can to be the best athlete you can be in the hope of being noticed.

But feeling like you’re not being seen sucks.

Especially when you hear about athletes being recruited all the time. You want to be the one with the scholarship offers and opportunities to compete…but how?

What if you could learn directly from an expert who has gone through the recruitment process?

Imagine being able to ask your questions and get their advice any time. Or being shown how to find the schools that need a player like you and then how to communicate with the coaches at those schools. Imagine being walked, step-by-step, through a blueprint for recruitment success—straight from an expert who has already learned all of the hard lessons for you.

That’s the Recruitment Accelerator

An exclusive place to learn the stuff that works, taught by a former full-scholarship NCAA DI student-athlete.


If you’re tired of feeling like you have the talent to get a scholarship, but aren’t being seen. Or if you’ve EVER said

“I wish I could just talk to someone about what to do”…

Join the Recruitment Accelerator

By this time next week, you’ll already have a handful of actionable insights for finding the schools that need players like you, how and when to talk to coaches, and how to get noticed. You’ll also have answers to the toughest questions you’re facing today.



Inside the Recruitment Accelerator, you’ll get expert advice on topics such as


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About Tessa


My name is Tessa Thomas and I built the Recruitment Accelerator to serve you—to help young high school athletes become NCAA athletes. I'm a multi-time Canadian National Champion in Softball, former member of Team Canada Softball Elite, former NCAA DI student-athlete in softball, NFCA All-American Scholar-Athlete, two-time Big South Conference Champion and Big South Conference Freshman of the Year.