Create a Vision and Commit to it

Creating a clear vision of your future is tremendously valuable, your vision will help guide your decisions as you move through the recruitment process.

Think of your vision as your arrow or compass, it will consistently point you in the direction of your goals - this will become more and more important as the recruitment process goes on and will help alleviate being overwhelmed.

The difference between those who succeed in their endeavours and those who do not is not in their ability to achieve their goals, but rather their commitment to the process.
— Tessa Thomas

What Are Your Goals?

Do you want to play DI basketball for a competitive team? Compete for Canada at the Olympics in track and field? Become a professional baseball player? Graduate from college or university debt free? Play DIII soccer for a school with a great pre-med reputation? Whatever your goals are write them down here, they should be genuine, practical and specific:

Who Is On Your Support Team?

Goals are not achieved in isolation, you will need the help of those around you - parents, siblings, friends, aunts and uncles etc. - for moral support, understanding, and likely all of your basic needs (food, shelter and transportation). Share your goals with your support team, be grateful for their contributions to your success and use their presence to help keep yourself accountable to your vision. List those on your support team here:

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Commit to Your Vision

Now that you have your goals, and your support team, your vision should be getting clearer. Take the time to revisit your goals frequently to make sure that you are staying on track. No excuses, consistently take action in the direction of your vision, commit to it now:

I will continue to take consistent action in the direction of my vision. I will not put limitations on myself, or let others impose limitations on me. I will be the MOST active participant in my recruitment. I will be appreciative of the encouragement from my support team and use our collective strength to embrace adversity should it arise. I will put in the work and do my best to achieve my goals.