Kris Joseph

Did you feel prepared as both a student and an athlete when you got to school in the US?

Personally, I felt prepared because I had my older brother, Maurice, to help guide me through my process a bit. Completing high school in the states also helped prepare me a little more mentally and physically for what I would be going through on and off the court.

Who is the coach that you quote the most?

“Consistency over time equals credibility.” Coach Hopkins at Syracuse would say that all the time. It stuck because that quote is true when applied to everything. In my junior and senior years at school I was team captain. I was more of a lead by example kind of guy, and my work ethic and grind demonstrated to the younger guys on the team what it takes to win and compete at this level. Nobody likes a leader who does not practice what they preach.

What’s one mistake you made during the recruitment process?

I think my biggest mistake was not taking all my visits and seeing what all schools had to offer. Syracuse being my dream school at the time, it made sense to just commit after the offer came in. But looking back, I should have gone to more visits, spoken to more coaches and spent more time seeing what else was out there. Luckily for me, it all worked out.

Did you think about going pro? Why did or didn’t you?

Becoming a pro baller was the goal for me before putting on a college jersey. I live by a saying “Grind Now Shine Later”. All the early morning individuals, practices, cardio sessions. They all had to pay off in the end. Doing what you dreamt of becoming since a little kid is amazing. Working your dream job, literally.

What did participating in collegiate athletics make you better at? What habits have stuck with you?

I'm better with people. Being on a team that somewhat changes every year you learn how to deal with several different personalities. You meet people during team events and it made me become a much more sociable person.

If there were times that you felt overwhelmed or homesick, what did you do?

I would just speak to my family and friends. Luckily for me, Syracuse is only 3.5hrs away from Montreal. I didn't go home much, but my family and friends visited and came to games often.