Am I Taking the Right Classes to be Eligible for the NCAA?

As a Canadian student-athlete it is important to know which high school classes are recognized by the NCAA as Core Courses, but it can also be very confusing. In August 2016 the academic requirements for competing as an NCAA DI student-athlete became more stringent. The new academic requirements are:

  • 4 English courses
  • 3 Math courses
  • 2 Natural Science courses
  • 1 Additional course in English, Math or Natural Science
  • 2 Social Science (and/or additional courses)
  • 4 Additional Academic courses in English, Math, Natural Science, Foreign Language, Comparative Religion, or Philosophy
  • 10 of these 16 courses must be completed BEFORE the start of Grade 12
  • 7 out of the 10 courses must be in English, Math, or Science
  • Your cumulative GPA for these core courses must be at least 2.300
  • You must earn an SAT score that aligns with your core course GPA on the Division I sliding scale
  • You must graduate high school

Courses must be taken at the Academic and University level—Applied and College level courses will not be counted towards the Core Course requirements for the NCAA DI level.

To determine if you are taking or are scheduled to take the right classes in grades 9-12 visit the NCAA High School Portal.

Select the appropriate code from the list below and enter it in the field marked “NCAA High School Code”.

  • Alberta - 998004
  • British Columbia - 998005
  • Manitoba - 998006
  • New Brunswick - 998010
  • Newfoundland & Labrador - 998007
  • Northwest Territories - 998012
  • Nova Scotia - 998009
  • Nunavut - 998013
  • Ontario - 998003
  • Prince Edward Island - 998008
  • Quebec - 998001
  • Saskatchewan - 998002
  • Yukon Territory - 998011

Once into the portal select the button marked “Show All Approved Courses”.

For good measure it is likely also useful after viewing all of the approved courses to de-select “Show All Approved Course” and select “ ShowAll Denied Courses”. It is advised that these lists be shared with your guidance counsellor to ensure that you are on the right track.

The initial-eligibility requirements for DII are a bit less stringent than DI—16 Core Courses are still required, however, it is not required that 10 of these 16 courses be completed before the start of Grade 12, or that 7 out of the 10 courses must be in English, Math, or Science.

DIII academic requirements are unique to each institution and will require additional research on the part of the student-athlete and their parents.

If you have questions regarding your Core Courses and your initial-eligibility for the NCAA it is recommended that you book an appointment with your high school guidance counsellor to ensure you're on the right track.