Why I Started TCSA

I started The Canadian Student-Athlete for three reasons:

  1. As a Canadian and a former NCAA athlete myself, I want to help young aspiring athletes and their parent(s) better understand the recruitment process.
  2. There aren't enough stories shared about the experiences of former and current Canadian Student-Athletes competing in the NCAA.
  3. Every young athlete, and their parent(s), interested in the NCAA should know the landscape of opportunities available to them to play at the collegiate level.

To get the most out of TCSA, I encourage you to read the articles, check out the programs, and contact me if you need help navigating the recruitment process—this could mean a phone call with the family to discuss possible next steps in your recruitment journey, or it could mean arranging for me to come and speak to your team about key areas of the recruitment process to focus on for the next year.

I want to connect with you and do my best to help you navigate the recruitment process and get what you want out of it.

Please read on, share with friends, teammates, and coaches, and come back soon.

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